Innovation Advisory for the Board of Directors.

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K&O is an independent firm that provides strategic advice in the field of Innovation Management, Digital Transformation, and Business Growth to the Board of Directors of corporations, organizations, and governments.


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Saul Hernandez
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We help companies to improve their innovation investments

INvest in the correct growth phase

Companies that balance their safety and comfort zone are able to defend the core business, take advantage of new opportunities, and build the future without sacrificing their revenue, customer base or talent.

K&O advises the Board of Directors on how to make innovation investments to transform, innovate or disrupt business models.


Build and Manage teamS for Innovation

The Innovator is the most vulnerable role in society. They are always ready to explore new ideas and business models even when the outcome is always uncertain. Providing the right structure and operating model is key for their performance.

K&O advises the Board of Directors on how to evaluate, build, and manage teams for Innovation. 


In the age of Design, Lean, and Agile Organizations, the dynamics of the innovation frameworks are fragmented and outdated. 

K&O built a framework for the latest dynamics of change. This integrates design thinking, agile, positive psychology, and neuroscience to achieve group peak performance while tracks the progress, identifies the roadblocks, and provides tools to unblock the flow.



Companies are required to create and renovate products, services, and business models to retain and grow their customer base. In contrast, the establishment is necessary to stabilize the business but it is not the best environment for nurturing innovation.

K&O advises the Board of Directors on how to evaluate, design and fund the best environment for innovation.

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"I am passionate about helping companies, organizations, and governments to evolve, and reach their goals by attaining and applying breakthroughs."

- Saul Hernandez, Founder and MANAGING DIRECTOR

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Change is an endless cycle which could be anticipated and driven with the right psychology tools. This is not different in business, the speed of seeing, accepting, and overcoming the change provide competitive advantages.

K&O advises the Board of Directors on how to anticipate and drive change to secure the long term business.


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